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In my strict religious community, women know their place. We’re wives and caregivers, with few options to be anything else. But as a fourth wife with no children, I have to find another way to contribute to the family. So when the opportunity to work as a medical assistant arises, I jump at the chance.

My new job is a lot more exciting than cooking for a family of twenty. But the work isn’t the only thing that excites me. I’ve been getting close to Evan Adgate, the doctor who runs the medical center. He's everything I'm not: funny, smart, wealthy, and educated. He can never be anything other than a friend, but it’s hard to keep things professional when my heart pounds whenever I’m near him.


Secrets and barriers stand between us, and it’s better that way. I can’t risk Evan finding out where I come from, and I definitely can’t risk my community discovering that the handsome doctor has been turning my head. But when my secret life collides with my new one, I have to decide if a different kind of future is worth fighting for.  

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