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He’s the most savage of them all. A shifter who takes what he wants. And now he’s my best hope for surviving the dangerous journey between fortified cities.

After the Lykos-D virus ravaged the world, the survivors were left with a choice: suppress the virus with drugs and retain your humanity, or give in and embrace the shift.

My forebears chose the former, which means I grew up behind the wall, where I was safe from the warring lycan shifters and their animalistic appetites.

No one leaves the cities. Step outside and you can expect to get killed or claimed.

But now I have to leave. Lives depend on it. So I’ve made a dangerous bargain. Rurik will escort me between the cities. He’ll keep me alive and fight off any lycans who try to claim me.

But bargains have two sides. And Rurik’s protection comes at a far higher price than I imagined. Because he doesn’t want to keep me safe.

He just wants to keep me.

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