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I’ve got one last chance to save my life

As the daughter of a Rage Lord, I should be taking my place among the Noble Guild of Berserker Assassins. When immortals turn bad, we hunt them down and remove their heads. But I’m also half nymph—a breed of Fae known more for fleshly pursuits than exacting a pound of flesh. Every time I lift a sword, my powers go haywire…with disastrous results. If I don’t master my magic and learn to take heads, the Guild will take mine.

Now my fate lies in the hands of Hauk Sigridsson, a powerful berserker burdened by a terrible curse. His job is simple: train me or kill me. But Hauk’s a half-breed, too, and he claims my dual heritage is an advantage, not a burden.

He says my magic is special, and when he looks at me with eyes that flash with lightning, it’s hard not to believe him. I’d follow him anywhere—even into Faerie, where he says I can prove myself and save my skin by helping him kill a dangerous dark Fae. But when I discover Hauk’s intentions might not be entirely pure, I may lose my heart as well as my head.


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