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I fled to the Alaskan wilderness to leave behind my past mistakes and start anew. The isolation of the mountains was my sanctuary, a safe haven where temptation couldn't find me. But fate had other plans.

Allie Russo was the last person I expected to cross paths with. Young, beautiful, and intelligent, she was everything I didn't need in my life. But the moment she stumbled into my arms, my world was turned upside down.

I knew I shouldn't want her, that she was off limits in every way. But when she looked at me with those big, dark eyes and whispered "Daddy," resistance was futile.

This thing between us was wrong on so many levels, but it felt so damn right. And now, I'm not sure I can survive without her.

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the lycan king's captive
the favored wife
daughter of rage and beauty
feral protector
prison planet captive
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