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You don’t tempt a dragon unless you’re willing to pay the price. Powerful, merciless creatures, they revel in their dominance over us mortals. I’ve heard whispers that Fuoco, leader of the Fire Syndicate’s dragon clan, is the most brutal of them all. Arrogant and ruthless, he has no qualms about reducing his enemies to ashes. Some claim he’s responsible for the recent disappearances in my village, but I’m not hunting for answers.

My only priority is my sick father and getting him through the harsh winter, even if I have to steal from the dragons to do so. When I encounter an alluring stranger while pilfering supplies, I’m immediately drawn to his irresistible charm. But I can’t afford any distractions, so I leave the stranger behind—and quickly put him out of my mind.

When Father takes a turn for the worse, I’m left with no choice but to request an audience with Lord Fuoco. I don’t expect to discover he’s the spellbinding stranger I met while stealing. Horrified, I do what any desperate male would do—I get on my knees and beg for the dragon’s mercy.

It turns out that on my knees is exactly where he wants me. Fuoco makes me a deal: if I live in his castle and warm his bed, he won’t kill me for stealing. With my father’s life hanging in the balance, I don’t have much choice. Yet as I get to know Fuoco, I realize there’s more to him than his harsh exterior. Maybe there’s a chance I can thaw his icy heart and save my father in the process. Or maybe I’m playing with fire…


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