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As a pixie, I’m a rule-breaker and master of mayhem. I’ve played matchmaker to all four of the Syndicate Lords, but somehow, I never seem to find my own match.

That changes when I meet a handsome stranger and fall hard. Vale Gentry may be tall, dark and devastatingly charming, but I should have known better than to get tangled up with an elf. Everyone knows they’re the snobs of the magical world. I’m nothing more than dirt under their gilded shoes.

That’s never more clear than when I discover Vale is betrothed—to his stepsister. Heartbroken, I return home with a new rule: never fall in love.

Vale follows, claiming he can explain the betrothal he never wanted. But he messed with the wrong pixie. When he won’t leave, I lock him in a magical contract that makes him my servant for two weeks.

I’ll revel in making the heir to the Summer Court scrub my floors and sweep the attic. I’ll order him to his knees. The only problem? He looks really good down there—and his golden eyes promise deliciously dirty deeds I remember all too well.


Vale refuses to let me go. But the elves aren’t willing to release him, either. The clock is ticking on his marriage contract, and his stepmother is determined to see him wed. When his reluctance puts both our lives in danger, I have to decide if my pride is more important than my prince—and if a chance at true love is worth risking everything. I just have to hope I’m not too late.


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