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A Bear to Ruin.jpg

As the leader of Bear Cove's elite search and rescue team, I'm used to dealing with life-or-death situations on a daily basis. But nothing could have prepared me for the fiery challenge that is Margot Sutton. She's the spoiled princess of the Sutton Werewolf Pack and her reputation precedes her—wild, reckless and untamable. But when her fed up father drops her off in the Alaskan wilderness, I'm the one tasked with taming her.

At first, I'm disgusted with this babysitting assignment, but I soon realize that keeping Margot out of trouble is no easy feat. Her curvy body and kissable mouth are impossible to ignore, and the tension between us is palpable from the start. But the real surprise comes when I discover her secret submissive streak. The sparks between us threaten to ignite into an inferno that could ruin us both. Will I be able to resist the heat or will I be consumed by it? One thing is for sure, this is going to be one wild ride.


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