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I wasn't supposed to lead my bear shifter clan. But when the task fell to me, I couldn't back away from the responsibility. Keeping our secrets and growing our numbers are all that matters now. Until Clarissa Grove turns up, lost and beautiful—and thirty years my junior. One look at her baby blues, and I know she's mine.

But it’s impossible. I’m too old for her. My kind know what happens when a reluctant mate is pulled into a life in the Alaskan wilderness. It never ends well.

Except Clarissa isn't as reluctant as I thought. With every glance she sends my way, desire burns hotter between us. Each time I try to step back, she comes closer, pushing me to the edge of danger. But something about her tells me she’s got secrets of her own. Uncovering them might cost me my heart. And if I don’t unravel them soon, I might just lose everything.

Coming Soon


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