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With the bonds I forged in the vampire court shattered, I seek refuge in a foreign kingdom. Surrounded by questionable allies, I long to forget the past. But every time I close my eyes, I see the men I left behind. My dreams haunt me, stirring up feelings and desires I’d rather forget.

And then there’s Midian, a king who shouldn’t exist. He whispers in my mind, hinting at power that could be mine for the taking. Enticing me with the promise of true freedom.

Showing me Laurent in peril…and Varick trapped in a cage.

As I venture deep into the heart of the old elven kingdom, I risk getting ensnared in a trap far more powerful than I ever imagined. Will I be able to break the chains that bind me and save the men I thought I loved, or will I succumb to the darkness that calls my name?

Author's note: The Bitten and Bound Series must be read in order. Content warnings include mentions of past sexual assault (off-page), threat of sexual assault, homophobia, kidnapping, torture, BDSM, blood and breath play, and physical violence. This is an MMF book with sword crossing. Mind the cliff.

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