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I grew up the privileged princess of a journalism royal family. Then my father bargained away my freedom to a monster.  

Einar Rothkilde is a brute and a bully. He’s also the disgraced prince of a hidden underworld that shouldn’t exist. When my father threatens to expose Einar’s secrets, the lycan prince turns the tables, promising to ruin my family for good unless my father meets his demands. And Einar demands me. To my horror, my father agrees, locking me into a contract written entirely on Einar’s terms—and with no expiration date.

Now I’m trapped on Einar’s sprawling estate where the walls whisper and Einar rules with an iron fist. My days are spent plotting escape and evading my captor, while my nights are haunted by silver eyes and a body that draws me in despite my resistance. As my defenses crumble, Einar shows me how sweet captivity can be.  

Still, I’m a reporter to my core, raised to uncover the truth no matter how shocking or painful. And the facts are these: a human can’t love a lycan, and a pretty cage is still a prison.

But as I dig deeper into Einar’s secrets, I start to question everything I thought I knew. The lines between captor and protector blur, and I must decide if I’m willing to regain my freedom only to lose my heart.

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