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I've been holding a grudge against the Valenti family for as long as I can remember. They took everything from me and my family, and now they're after me too. My family's motor lodge has been struggling ever since the Valentis moved into town and built their flashy hotel. They've even bought most of our debts, making them our biggest creditor. The whole family is corrupt, and I especially wouldn't want to get anywhere near Chase Valenti, the golden boy of the family, who I know is the worst of them all.


But now, I'm forced to take a job at the Valenti hotel as a housekeeper, and who do you think my boss is? None other than Chase Valenti himself. But the worst part? I can't seem to stop sleeping with him. My family's livelihood is on the line and I can't let them down, but how can I save it when I keep getting tangled up with the enemy?


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