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As the first woman to lead a werewolf pack in over a century, the chips are already stacked against me. To make matters worse, I took the reins right as moon sickness began ravaging my people. When rival packs threaten a takeover, I know I have to make a move. So I enter the Firstborn Games, a competition that pits the most powerful immortals against each other. The Games can be brutal, but the champion receives an elixir that grants a single wish with zero limitations. I intend to win—and then use my prize to save my pack and silence my naysayers.

The moment I arrive at the Games, however, two dragons enter the competition and declare me their fated female in front of our fellow contestants. Finn MacAlasdair and Struan MacLure are two distractions I don’t need. Unfortunately, the pair of strapping Highlanders seem determined to prove the three of us belong together.

But Finn and Struan have their own reason for competing—and they’re not afraid to play dirty to get what they want. They also have a knack for appearing when I need them. As the competition takes us from crumbling catacombs to ancient temples, they save me from disaster on more than one occasion. And when the three of us end up stranded in the middle of the rainforest, I learn exactly what it means to be caught between two goal-oriented dragon shifters.

Still, I’m playing to win. At the end of the day, Finn and Struan are my rivals. I can’t let their sexy smiles and seductive promises make me forget what’s at stake. If I lose the Games, I’ll lose my pack. But when sinister forces gather, the stakes turn deadly. Suddenly, I have to choose between saving my people and losing the men who’ve captured my heart. Is winning really everything, or is the cost of a future without Finn and Struan too steep?

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