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Two years ago, my husband fought his best friend to win my hand and take control of my father’s pack. But the price of victory was banishing his best friend, Carter, from our lives. But Carter hasn’t been out of our hearts…and he most certainly hasn’t been out of Lucas’s head. Or his dreams.

Now, as Carter returns to our pack for a brief visit, my husband insists there's nothing left between them. But Lucas insists a lot of things. Like how he doesn’t feel anything for Carter and how I must have been mistaken when I thought I saw them together—and acting like far more than friends.

Alpha wolves are so stubborn. Fortunately, I’m not above using extreme measures to make my husband realize how important Carter is to both of us. If I have to play dirty, I will. I’ll do whatever it takes to bring these two alpha males back to where they belong, by my side…and in my bed.

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