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Kiss of Frost, Book 4 in The Dragon Lairds Series. Paperback signed by Amy Pennza.


What good is power if you can’t control it? The daughter of two legendary air witches, I'm supposed to be the best of my generation. In theory, I should be able to bend the wind to my will. In practice, I’m more likely to accidentally trigger a hurricane. To prove myself, I have to capture the North Wind—the most volatile force on earth. As far as quests go, I expect it to suck.

What I don’t expect is to meet my fated mate in the form of a smooth-talking Scottish Highlander. Callum McLeish is half-dragon and half-incubus. He’s also drop-dead gorgeous and determined to follow me to the frozen wastes. It’s cold in the North, but my new protector sets my nights ablaze.

Things take a scorching turn when we arrive in the wastes and meet Graeme Abernathy. As a member of the Brotherhood of Ice Dragons, Graeme took vows to live a solitary life. His heart is frozen, and his attitude is as chilly as his castle.

But dragons mate in threes. And the more time Callum and I spend around Graeme, the harder it is to deny the pull between us. Graeme isn’t supposed to feel anything. So why does he feel so perfect to Callum and me?

Still, there’s something unsettling in the air. As things heat up between the three of us, danger does as well. Because Graeme has secrets—and a past that refuses to die. As the temperature plunges, the stakes couldn’t be higher. If I don’t unravel the mystery that swirls around Graeme, I could lose both of my men forever.

Kiss of Frost Signed Paperback

  • Discreet paperback. Signed by the author.

  • Signed paperbacks are personally packed and shipped by Amy Pennza. Tax and shipping calculated at checkout. 

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