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Kiss of a Dragon King, Book 3 in The Dragon Lairds Series. Paperback signed by Amy Pennza.


When you love someone, you’ll do anything to save them. Even if it takes a lifetime. Even if it takes a thousand years…


Cormac is my mate, my love, and my king. He’s also the last pureblooded dragon in the world—and I’ve spent the past few centuries watching him slowly descend into madness. The weight of time drove him to the edge. Then a curse killed our race’s females, and the loss tipped him over it.


His mind is broken, but his power remains unrivaled. It’s a deadly combination that could burn civilization to the ground.


But I’m not without power of my own. Half dragon, half witch, I’ve managed to quell Cormac’s worst impulses. When he rages, I put out the fires. When he threatens to smash the world, I put him in chains. I’ve ruled from behind the throne. I’ve been ruthless when necessary. And I’ve made plenty of enemies in the process.


The only way to save Cormac is to find our female—the woman destined to come between us in the best way possible. But I’ve tried that. I’ve spent endless years scouring the immortal races, and year after year I’ve come up short.


Until now. At long last, I’ve scented her. And there must be some mistake. Because the female I’ve found shouldn’t exist. She’s gorgeous and willful and she smells like fire.


She smells like…a dragon.

Kiss of a Dragon King Signed Paperback

  • Discreet paperback. Signed by the author.

  • Signed paperbacks are personally packed and shipped by Amy Pennza. Tax and shipping calculated at checkout. 

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