First, Happy Thanksgiving! I may or may not already have Christmas decorations in my house.


Also, I’m so excited to share a guest post I wrote for DIY MFA: Improve Your Writing by Thinking Like a Copywriter.

If you’re new to DIY MFA, it is an amazing resource for writers! Their #5onFri is one of my favorite features. (I’m a sucker for lists.)

Because I am such a big fan of their content, I was so excited when they agreed to let me contribute. As I was thinking of ideas I might like to write about for the site, I immediately thought about how much my work as a copywriter has helped my fiction writing.

The biggest thing copywriting has done for me? It has given me an incredible work ethic. As I say in the post, when your livelihood depends on hitting your word count every day, you can’t really shrug and think, I’m just not feeling it today. As fiction writers, I think we often have this expectation that writing must always be fun — otherwise you’re not doing it right, yes?


Writing isn’t always fun. Sometimes it’s a long, tough slog. But the end result is worth it. Copywriting has given me the drive to push through the rough patches so I can get to the fun stuff.

You can read the full post at DIY MFA here.