Happy Friday the 13th! How about a book review?

Jen from Behind Closed Doors Book Review graciously agreed to read and review Ivar’s Prize. You can find Jen’s review here. And here is a quick excerpt:

“Think Mad Max with a bit of BDSM romance and strange metal that is both a coveted resource by a society that sends prisoners to mine it for their own use and is used by the prisoners in their own society. Ivar is clearly dominant and likes being in control. Nadia is intrigued and attracted to Ivar but doesn’t want to be anyone’s bed-slave.”

Quite a few people have noted the Mad Max vibe, which always makes me smile, as I had the scenery from the film in mind as I wrote it. The world I tried to build in Tolbos is gritty and dark, and the people who inhabit it aren’t friendly or kind. It’s a brutal place, and I wanted readers to feel that as soon as Nadia dropped into it.

Many thanks to Jen and BCD for the review!

You can pick up Ivar on Amazon. (It’s really the safest way to allow a warlord into your house.)